Microthin Stone Translucent Panel

Thin - GORGEOUS -Durable

What is it?

Microthin Stone Translucent Panel is an engineered stone panel, it is laminated by ultra thin natural stone layer and low iron glass(tempered) followed by hot-melt processing method, PVB EVA & SGP, mainly for exterior applications.


Durable Product, Fast Installation, Gorgeous Outlook.

Green Building material

Exterior & Interial

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Features and specifications:

  • Natural stone (1 – 5mm thickness)
  • EVA, PVB, SGP (0.38∼0.76mm)
  • Low Iron Glass, Tempered (2-12mm)
  1. The thickness of the natural stone and the glass could be changed according to your need.
  2. Usage: exterior cladding for walls, interior cladding for ceilings and walls, background, screen.
  3. Safety: The product is safe due to the features of laminated glass.
  4. Easy to install as well as to the method for glass panel.
  5. Soundproof and UV resistant due to the interlayer.
  6. Conquering the fragile property of natural stone, due to the laminated glass structure.
  7. High value: the pattern is more attractive when stone is milled into a few million meters, which adds more values to classic stone.
  8. Regular size is 600 x 1,200mm, and the maximum size is 1,200 x 2,400mm. We can provide different sizes according to clients’ requirements.

Faster Installation

Microthin Stone Translucent Panel is installed easily on backlit structure.

Green Onyx.

The backlit makes the green onyx more colorful due to the thickness of stone.

Microthin Stone Translucent Panel for Exterior

Safey as laminated glass

Easier Assembling