History And Innovation

2002         Started the production of stone honeycomb panel,  obtained the patent of the product.

                 Started the production of ceramic tile stone composite panel

2003        Started the mass production of Microthin Stone Translucent Panel for the first exterior wall project,  obtained the patent for the product

                  Started the mass production of stone aluminum composite panel,stone with acp panel

2004         Completed the research and development of the curved stone honeycomb composite panel and introduced it to the market.

                  Stone honeycomb panel is successfully installed to luxurious train interior decoration based on testings for train car standard.

2006         Double faced stone honeycomb panels is launched to the market for partition panel with special designed system 

2008         Started the research of Microthin stone insulation panel for exterior.

2009         Obtained the Fund of Chinese National science and Technology Development.

                   Delivered the first trial order of Microthin Stone Veneer in 1.5mm. 

                   Started promoting  on Microthin stone veneer(3mm-5mm granite)  for exterior.

2010          Microthin stone insulation panel is successfully used in the projects in China and abroad

                  2mm Microthin stone veneer  is used in furniture projects 

2011         1mm Microthin Stone Veneer is used on indoor curved wall

                  Completed the wheathering testings for Microthin Stone Insulation Panel and achieved the A2 A1 Grade

                  The documents of installation system were put on recorded in Goverment.

2013         Completed the research and development of 2mm stone for switch cover plate and started bulk production

2014         1mm granite stone is used for exterior curved wall in Taiwan after testings. 

                  Started research on 0.8mm  Microthin stone marble veneer in late of 2014.

2015         Started the mass production for supplying thin marble veneer for the world’s first mobile phone case 

2018         Microthin stone veneer passed the fire resistant testing In Europe For exterior standard. 


  We are passionate on thin stone. 

  We are named for thin stone.