Microthin Stone Veneer

Thin-Light Translucent-Flexible

What is it?

Microthin Stone Veneer is combined with thin stone venner and fiberglass reforced  backer. The Stone Veneer can be made of granite, marble, lime stone, sand stone etc. It is light translucent when the color, thickness and backer is matched. Also it can be bent as the feature of ultra thin stone.


Features and specifications:

  •  Natural stone (0.5 – 4mm thickness)
  • Refored fiberglass backing (0.3 – 1mm thickness)
  1. The thickness of the natural stone and the backer could be changed according to clients’ need.
  2. Usage: exterior cladding for walls, interior cladding for ceilings and walls, furniture, back light panel, art-craft etc.
  3. Light weight: about 2- 12kg/m2. The weight varies from the thickness of stone layer and backer.
  4. Easy to install due to the light weight
  5. Easy to be cut by portable cutting machine.
  6. Conquering the fragile property of natural stone, and it can be gently bent according to curved wall.
  7. Lowwer labor cost due to the light weight, one worker is easy to handle the transportation for standard size.
  8. Regular size is 600 x 600mm, 600 x 900mm, 600 x 1,200mm, and the maximum size is 1000 x 2,800mm. We can provide different sizes according to clients’ requirements.


Cabinet door is a good application with thin stone veneer, Microthin stone venner are easily laminated with MDF board with metal structure as door. 

Install Microthin Stone Veneer on surface just like plastic plate.

Microthin Stone Veneer is Not only for stone industry.

The Switch Cover Plate made out of travertine, it gives fantastic outlook than just metal and glass.